Small Business Round Table
  General Membership Meeting
   Thursday, October 6th, 2016

 12:30 PM

The SBRT ESC is taking applications for new members to the Executive Steering Committee


"Purpose and Duties'

The Small Business Roundtable will provide advice to the Vice Commander, NAVAIR, through the NAVAIR OSBP, on NAVAIR programs, policies, plans, and other matters pertinent to NAVAIR’s responsibilities for Small Business Concerns. Its advice spans increasing participation of Small Business Concerns in Naval Aviation, special needs and opportunities presented by the Nation’s Small Business Concerns, and identification of eligible Small Business Concerns to participate in NAVAIR procurements. All members of the committee and Roundtable will operate under the guidelines set forth under FAR 3.101 Standards of Conduct and FAR 3.104 Procurement Integrity.